Very Chill

VERY CHILL jewellery is handmade by Vancouver artist Taylor Gardiner. No two pieces ever exactly the same, this jewellery is made for the people who embrace imperfections in any form - messy hair, vintage tee's, worn leather, grass stains or scars. A little bit rough and tumble, a little bit wild, but always very chill.


How did you end up making what you make? 

I've always been a maker of some sort, then got lucky finding the VCC jewellery program and now I can't stop!


What have you learned in an unexpected place or from an unexpected person that informs your making?

 I feel like all of the learning I've done regarding jewellery has been unexpected in a way, I couldn't pick any one thing.


What inspires or drives you to make what you make?

everything! some days its vikings and antique farm equipment, other days it's ice-cream and flowers.


Who are some of your favourite other makers? Local? Worldwide?

Locally I love Product of Science and Art body products, Papercut Monsters by Joel Kadziolka, and Born A Bad Seed.

Worldwide I love Hatsumi's Laundry lingerie and Meg Girard handmade jewellery.


What is your favourite season and why?

Summer. I can't get enough - swim, sweat, sun. Any excuse to wear as little clothes and eat as much fruit as possible, I'm down.


Who is your celebrity crush?

ryan Gosling obviously, and Zoe Kravitz


How do you connect to your landbase?

looking up at the stars, ocean swims, enjoying the outdoors whenever possible.


Do you have any sort of mantra or quote that strikes you?

 "i don't hate it. I just don't like it at all and it's terrible." - Michael Scott from The Office


Do you remember the first thing you made that you felt was great/ the first time you found passion in being a maker?

I don't recall the first thing- I've always been passionate about making, creating and doing things with my hands, so jewellery felt like a natural progression as an artist. it has been really easy to fall in love with and feel passionate about.