Arlin ffrench

I was born in the woods of the frozen northlands to wild bush people and raised with wolves as my playmates.I scrawled my many images in bark of trees and the earth of the land.  In a brief emergence to civilization I captured a BFA from UBC and now wear its drooping hide as my clothing.

I taught my self the art of skin with help from a Black Crowe and a Britishman.


Now with a fort in the republic of East Van as my dwelling I lurk this city’s alleyways with a rusty wheeled beast as my steed.

How did you end up making what you make?

  A lot of sleepless nights, some skinned knuckles and four broken toes.


What have you learned in an unexpected place or from an unexpected person that informs your making?

There is a lady on the street that usually yells mean stuff at me.   The other day she suggested to me that "We should just burn it all and see what is really in there."  


What inspires or drives you to make what you make?

I make things because not making things is a scary dark place.   



Who are some of your favourite other makers? Local? Worldwide?

The Doodies, Give Up, Christian Nicolay, Mohinder 


What is your favourite season and why?

I don't like spring that much.   I get all covered in mud and people look at me with distain when i sit on their furniture.


Who is your celebrity crush?

The Weird Sisters (the 3 witches) from the start of Macbeth.  Seems like a reasonably good time to me.   


How do you connect to your landbase?

I try to spend a lot of time in it, knowing it, trying to understand it as it does the same with me.    I rest my head most nights surrounded by firetruck sirens and yelling drunks, but feel much more at home in the forests and mountains where there are less people and my thoughts make more sense.  


Do you have any sort of mantra or quote that strikes you?

I have Bowie's "Life on Mars"  stuck in my head quite often if that is a mantra or maybe just depression.  


Do you remember the first thing you made that you felt was great/ the first time you found passion in being a maker?

When I was three I lived for a season on tiny island in a lake named after a wolf 100s of kms from anywhere.   I made some pretty great things with sticks there.  I've been pretty much following that line since.