Rebecca Jewel

Rebecca Jewel has been a guest of the beautiful unceded Coast Salish Territory for four years.  She is an intuitive visual artist, jeweller, writer, massage practitioner, and maker of body care products.  Rooted in intuition, she wraps her passion, love and creativity into everything she creates.  

Rebecca is a graduate of the Jewellery, Art and Design program of Kootenay School of the Arts and is currently immersed in the Advanced Integrative Energy Healing program at Langara College.  She pushes out of her heart with her desire to reach, affect and contribute, sharing love and healing.

How did you end up making what you make?

The body oils were spawned from a need of my own massage oils for my clients.  I wanted to be able to create and deliver choice of creativity to my clients in order to specialize and personalize their experience.  I also started making body care products for friends and family for xmas gifts.  And then it developed into birthday gifts all year round.  


What have you learned in an unexpected place or from an unexpected person that informs your making?

Giving someone the self care of touch through body scrubs and oils is sometimes all a person needs.  The experience of original scents and natural ingredients with none of the poison that goes into most body care products these days is important to me.  


What inspires or drives you to make what you make?

It’s that creative juice that runs through my veins with my blood.  My intention is to create magnetism, relaxation and an arousal of all the senses.  


Who are some of your favourite other makers? Local? Worldwide?

Many of my local friends' work I admire for different reasons but also for amount of passion they put into it.  Their input of creativity strikes me in the heart when I experience their output translation.


I would also say I am a big fan of some deceased makers.  Of which include Antoni Gaudi for his beautifully detailed visions in waking life.  Rene Lalique for his exquisite, delicately detailed art nouveau jewellery.  Anais Nin for her eloquent yet messy heartfelt writing that makes my emotions dance.


What is your favourite season and why?

Summer is my favourite season. Perhaps because I was born near summer solstice, I feel it, and I connect with it.   It is my time of rebirth and inspiration.  Flowers and nature are in full effect.  Sunny days with butterflies and birds and blue skies.  Summer nights with stars, jasmine scented warm breezes and giant super moons make my senses come alive.  My connection with mother earth is a contributing factor in any creativity I express.


Who is your celebrity crush?

Will Smith.  Since I was 8yrs old.  Now that’s unconditional.


How do you connect to your landbase?

I have been a guest of unceded Coast Salish Territory for 4 years now.   I acknowledge the land which I stand upon.   I connect with my heart through ceremony, prayer, medicine, walking, trees,  water, gratefulness, experiencing the awe of it.  I wake every morning thankful for this beautiful land.  I am here, I am alive and I have the joy of all the beauty that surrounds me everyday.  Chi-miigwetch Kitchi Manitou.  


Do you have any sort of mantra or quote that strikes you?

This is me.

“Always in the silence, I hear my heartbeat.  It shouts when it has my attention.  It craves my devout following.  It only wants to give truthful advice and inspiration for my life.  I surrender to it.” 


Do you remember the first thing you made that you felt was great/ the first time you found passion in being a maker?


I remember when I was a kid, someone gave me and my brother a wagon.  So in the summer time we used to walk up the hill about 12 blocks to the local outdoor pool.  I had discovered underneath the sand that was located beneath the sea saws that the mud there was extra special.  I don't recall knowing how I knew but I must have had some idea and we used to dig it up and fill the wagon and bring it back down to the house so we could form it into bowls and cupsWe baked them in the sun and and then painted them with our water colour paints.  


I remember I felt a certain sense of accomplishment at being independent about every single step in the process of making the pottery.  I had discovered and created it from start to finish, just a six year old and a four year old apprentice lol.