The Long Run Leather Co.

The Long Run Leather Co. provides quality handmade leather goods and apparel to last.  This 3 year old endeavour of Emma Beaupre’s, follows directly from being raised in a wood shop and her mother’s sewing room. With a history of rebellious textile arts and a love of leather, she began hand sewing vests during a back injury and as the pain left the discipline continued. Self taught and eager to learn she moved on heavier leathers to make sheaths, belts, gusset bags, and began tooling leather. Emma uses only sunning, water based products and natural leather conditioners to bring out the leathers natural patina. 

How did you end up making what you make?

During a year long back injury I was motivated to create small successes from nothing while healed. I started hand sewing leather bags just to make myself things I cannot afford and to make it last. Next thing I’m making vests and I’m getting better and getting custom orders for vests that are 1000’s of stitches of custom work. I jumped right in to learning leather, getting tools and reading as much as I could get my hands on. I moved on to heavier leathers and to date have made over 600 different pieces from small to large. 

What have you learned in an unexpected place or from an unexpected person that informs your making?

I have only learnt from unexpected places. A stitch from a moccasin maker, a technique from a video, a tanning tip from a passer by, and am now helping and learning from shoemaker.

What inspires or drives you to make what you make? 

Art is inspiring to my entire life. Handmade, durable, functional, timeless pieces that can be passed on and cherished. Time worn into leather is character and I adore what I make. I love seeing my imagination come to life.

Who are some of your favourite other makers? Local? Worldwide?

I adore the works of my father who crafts wooden boxes from a lifetime of precious scrap saving. I adore the works of Oli Rose Collection, Hell Bent Leather, painter Bonnie Dobbin, Wood and Metal Funishings, Moniker Mania Moccasins, embroiderer Alaina Varrone, and blacksmith Richard Baggett Studios. So many more!

What is your favourite season and why? 

I like them all for all seasons are good for our cheeks and because it balances out the internal and external times in life. But maybe winter because I get to wear more leather!

Who is your celebrity crush?

Frieda Khalo, Marlon Brando, Bridgette Bardot

How do you connect to your landbase? 

Walking everywhere, dipping my toes in glacial water, getting naked and hiking in the woods.

Do you have any sort of mantra or quote that strikes you? 

Every man and every woman is a star. –A.C. Even though this is gendered, it reminds me that we are walking stardust and that we can shine if we put the work in.

Do you remember the first thing you made that you felt was great/ the first time you found passion in being a maker?

I have always coveted my mothers closet, full of weavings, turquoise and vintage tooled leather bags. In light of this I made my mother my first gusset bag. I was using a stitching pony and doing a saddle stitch for the first time. When I finished the bag after labouring over every step I was so elated I shed a tear of happiness. Pure joy came over me as I had made this piece from start to finish with a level of hopeful anxiety and the release of its successful finality was overwhelming, to the point of tears. I knew I was hooked, like falling in love, I was committed to a life of learning and earning confidence with leatherwork.