WOLF + SADIE is the independent, Canadian design studio of multi-disciplinary artist Bramble Lee Pryde, where she works as a metal-smith and sculptor. Specializing in monochromatic, metal heavy jewelry, Wolf + Sadie has amassed a devout following of artists, musicians, bloggers and stylists since its inception in 2013. Wolf + Sadie has most recently been featured in Pretty Little Liars and on Emma Ruth Rundle during her recent North American and European tours.

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 le lou ula:  Pryde's work as a sculptor started in university and was picked up again in 2014 and has led her to the creation of le lou ula  hand built porcelain and ceramic vessels. Exploring texture through raw, monochromatic finishes that parallels sister line WOLF + SADIE’s colourless palette.

 While working in a variety of mediums, Pryde explores these concepts by adhering to the ethos of the slow fashion movement, consciously producing each piece so it reflects significance, purpose and longevity.



Q & A:

How did you end up making what you make? 
I found my way to metalsmithing while traveling abroad as a fine arts student. While away and experiencing the various cultures and values of other countries, I discovered the vital role of jewelry in the stories people tell about themselves, learning that women, above all, are the raconteurs who sustain and pass sacred traditions to new generations.

Pottery manifested through a need to put my hands into a different medium. After a year and half of forging metal and working with the tension of hard surfaces, I needed a medium that contrasted the fight. It started as a way to step away from jewelry and an opportunity to create my own displays; now it has evolved into its own brand.

What have you learned in an unexpected place or from an unexpected person that informs your making? 
My life has always straddled the contrast and conflict of art vs. business. What I’ve grown to accept is that a balance of each concept is necessary to be successful or you will struggle without the other influence. A business acumen will protect yourself as an artist, and having a creative mind in business will set you apart.

What inspires or drives you to make what you make? 
I’m inspired by process and am driven by storytelling. Recently I realized that creating had been replaced by production and I was racing to create a new collection to launch every six months. It wasn’t allowing me to invest enough quality or time into exploring different mediums or the process itself. So now I have a permanent collection called Ancestors that I edit from time to time, adding new pieces to the families of designs, and taking away pieces that no longer make sense to the collection. Alongside to this, I am creating a collection called Hew, which will be one of kind or extremely small quantities of a design. This collection’s sole purpose is to be able to have a platform to explore my process. And for now this is a perfect pace to tell WOLF + SADIE and le lou ula's story.

Who are some of your favourite other makers? Local? Worldwide? Maude Nibelungen (Montreal) is a master at weaving her life story into her collections, I admire her transparency and her designs are stunning. Krist Mort (Austria) has a haunting mind, her photography is incredible. Negin Izad (Vancouver) – the force behind Noctex, blows my mind with her designs, drive and strong values.

What is your favourite season and why? I love the transitional time of winter solstice. There is this dichotomy of silence and celebration that appeals to me. Inside people are feasting, celebrating and animated. Outside is quiet, stark and still. We transition from abundance to purification.

Who is your celebrity crush? I crush on characters more than actors typically. My forever crushes will always be Steff McKee, Jake Ryan & John Bender. The terrible bad boy, the conflicted normal guy & the unloved rebel that all fell for babes that were left of center. It gave me a sense of comfort in non-conformity.

How do you connect to your landbase? 
Since moving out of the city and into the mountains a couple of years ago, my process has naturally been influenced by the transition, as I rely on my surroundings to keep me rooted. Being close to water is necessary for me to maintain balance. I spend my down time road tripping though surrounding areas with my husband, and have a started a series of photographs. The series documents the contrast of the beauty and harshness of our surroundings and shows the instinctive connection that nature has to my design process with both lines.

Do you have any sort of mantra or quote that strikes you? 
“Real life sucks you dry, If you want to fuck with the eagles, you need to learn how to fly.” 
It has stuck with me for decades and has meant different things at various stages of my life. I interpreted as super aggressive when I was a punk and naïvely thought that it was me against the world and it encompassed my FTW attitude. Now it has evolved into an aspirational motivator, reminding me to keep my head down and work on honing my skill set and to not be too caught up in other’s work or opinions – that growth is only dependant on my level of focus and commitment that I give it.

Do you remember the first thing you made that you felt was great/ the first time you found passion in being a maker?
I remember meeting a jeweller in Kathmandu that worked with large scale semi-precious stones. He reworked some pieces for me by changing pendant necklaces into these huge finger dusters. I loved that it was possible. I felt like I had this understanding of how it all worked and was drawn to the idea of being able to customize work unique to the individual. It was later that year that I moved to Australia and continued my education in Jewelry Methods while living in Perth.